SAVVY CHICKS RULE is a movement... Committed to helping women from all backgrounds realize the potential they have on the inside so they can engage in important financial endeavors on the outside. We teach you how to SURPASS the obstacles that have previously caused you to stall out or retreat back to the starting gate. We show you how to let your spirit SHINE in all that you do, so that others willingly follow your lead. We provide you with the strategic framework that, once learned and applied, allows you to SUCCEED in whatever you put your mind to. 

About Lorene


Savvy, successful entrepreneur and transformational speaker has empowered hundreds of women and entrepreneurs over the past 15 years with her infectious enthusiasm, zest for life and innovative prosperity solutions. 


Passionately helps women dramatically shift their money mindset, end their money shame and achieve Pocketbook Prosperity which ultimately determines how they experience financial freedom and personal fulfillment.


Has authored several books including her signature book, "Get Rich Savvy Chick: Elevate Your Mind & Keep Prosperity in Your Pocketbook." along with dozens of eBooks and articles.