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Lorene Collier, Personal Finance Speaker

As a savvy entrepreneur and transformational speaker, Lorene Collier has empowered hundreds of women and entrepreneurs over the past 15 years with her infectious enthusiasm, zest for life and innovative prosperity solutions. Lorene is an inspirational leader, best-selling author and Founder of Savvy Chicks Rule, a financial empowerment organization helping women tap into and transform their financial prosperity and is also the President & CEO of Mindset Matters Consulting & Education LLC, a financial education organization that provides financial literacy and life skill programs for youth.


She’s on a mission to help women reclaim their prosperity power because she believes every woman deserves to financially thrive and live the life truly deserve. Lorene realizes that financial challenges create stress so she infuses fun into every presentation and client engagement. As a passionate, sought after transformational speaker and creative wealth educator, Lorene speaks with a burning passion of financial truth, she shares practical and proven financial solutions beyond the textbook status quo and when she speaks people take action. She transparently shares her own triumph over her old money story and how she turned her financial disparity into her purpose helping women step out of their own Pocketbook Pain into Pocketbook Prosperity. 

When it comes to Money Matters Lorene is the Money Maven individuals, groups and companies choose to experience financial victory!  

Keynote Topics

  • Own Your Worth: 3 Keys to Reclaiming The Confidence That Lies Within You
  • Cultural & Cash: Creating a Life of Choice and Not a Life of Chance
  • B.E.T. On Yourself: The Unconventional Way to Mastering Your Money

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We all go through a time when our life seems to be falling apart. Listen as Lorene shares a snippet of  how you can reclaim your finances, your health, your relationships and your life by choice instead of by chance. 

Seminar Topics

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For women who need to repair their money mindset

If you think you’re forever a financial fixer-upper, think again.   Everyone has setbacks – and the majority of women I work with, at some point, have also felt unworthy of wealth. 

In “Love Yourself 2 Wealth,” I help you unwrap where those fears and feelings of failure came from so you can gain a more prosperous perspective on money.  Changing the ways you think about yourself and your relationship to money will also help you foster healthier habits around your finances. 


For women who want to do more with the money they have

Money, and our relationship with it, doesn't need to be difficult. 

In “Lifestyle Lift,” participants will get a top-down view of their current financial situation along with self-study tools to step into healthier spending habits.

Making more with money you’ve already earned is the easiest way to start building wealth! Attendees will forge new financial goals and put the tools in place to follow through with them.


For women who want to start saving for retirement 

What if you could design your future? Life doesn’t have to “happen” to you – you can “happen” to your life by creating goals for tomorrow today

In “Automatic Money,” I help attendees understand that now is the absolute best time to create money goals to get themselves closer to the life they’ve always wanted.

By designing for our financial future (rather than simply waiting for it), participants will feel empowered to deliberately and intentionally create more success in all areas of their lives.

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Creative Wealth Academy

At Last ... Financial Education That Makes $ense

Youth require a sound foundation in money matters as they “step out” into the world and become independent, intelligent consumers.  Currently, many are unprepared for this step.

During the "Creative Wealth Academy" workshop we empower youth with the knowledge that they are fully in charge of creating their own lives, and that includes how much money they want to have when they grow up and what they can do with it.   It is designed to teach the elements of success and financial savviness that most adults wish they’d been taught while they were young.

We use accelerated teaching techniques and break down complicated financial concepts into understandable information by using a variety of role-playing games, and activities. Youth walk out of our program truly feeling like THEY can be a millionaire!

2 day / 5 day workshops are held on weekends and during the summer break.  This academy is perfect for youth ages 13-18.

Who Knew Learning About Money & Investing Could Be So Much Fun!!

Participants will learn the...

• Secrets of Savings

• Basics of Budgeting

• Dangers of Bad Debt

• Ins & Outs of Investing

• Goodness of Giving

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