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Money means different things to  different people based on a variety of

factors such as temperament and life experiences. Often the meaning of

money and the way it motivates us is subtle and something we are not

always aware of.

This simple quiz is designed to give you an indication of how strongly you

are influenced by the following money motivations: Freedom, Security,

Power, and Love. None are inherently good or bad, although each

certainly has its dark side.

The key to your money motivation is reflected below in the relative number of

a, b, c, or d answers.

Money Motivation Quiz

(A) Freedom

Money relates to financial freedom.

“A” answers indicate that money relates to FREEDOM. To you money means having the freedom to do what you like.

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(B) Security

Money relates to security.

“B” answers indicate that money relates to SECURITY. You need to feel safe and secure and you desire the stability and protection that money supposedly provides.

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(C) Power

Money relates to power.

“C” answers indicate that money relates to POWER. Personal success and control are important to you, and you appreciate the power money sometimes provides.

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(D) Love

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“D” answers indicate that money relates to LOVE. You like to use money to express love and build relationships.

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One of the keys to managing money wisely is to understand our relationship to it. I hope this exercise gives you some helpful insights.  You may wish to share your scores with your spouse or a friend and discuss whether their perceptions of your money motivations are consistent with your scores.


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